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Current activities - 2023

Personal information

Professional preparation


Honors and Awards

Research Statistics

Peer-reviewed Journal Publications

  1. [2023] Eric S. Tellez, Daniela Moctezuma, Sabino Miranda, Mario Graff, Guillermo Ruiz. Regionalized models for Spanish language variations based on Twitter. Language Resources and Evaluation (2023), pp 1–31. Springer Netherlands Dordrecht.

  2. [2023] Jaime Sainz-Santamaria, Daniela Moctezuma, Adan L. Martinez-Cruz, Eric S. Téllez, Mario Graff, Sabino Miranda-Jimenez. Contesting views on mobility restrictions in urban green spaces amid COVID-19—Insights from Twitter in Latin America and Spain. Cities 132 (2023), 104094

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Text classification, search and clustering

K centers problem and non-linear dimension reduction

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